Monday, March 30, 2009

Technology Lesson

This past week I was able to use technology in many of my lessons. One lesson that I thought worked really well was a math lesson on mesauring to the nearest inch. I created a template filled with lots of different objects that needed to be measured. We used our promethean board to project the document and then used a electronic ruler to measure each of the objects. Each of the students were able to be involved in using the board and by the end of the lesson all of the students understood how to measure to the nearest inch. It was a really great lesson that would have been difficult to teach to a whole class at once if we didn't have the technology.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tech-Enhanced Lesson Idea

There are so many ways to use technology to enhance lessons. One idea I have is for a math lesson on being able to find fractions of a group. First I will set up worksheets on the promethean board. The students will be given pictures as well as the fraction written in notation form. Students will work in partners to decide which picture matches which fraction notation. Then a student will be able to come up to the board and drag the image and the notation into the appropriate columns. During independent practice time each of the students will use a macbook to complete a series of practice problems where they will be required to again find or create the correct image for each fraction notation. I think this is a good way to integrate technology because the students are actively participating and their learning is expanded and enhanced through the use of the technology.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Technology Inventory

While I was doing this assignment it surprised me to see how much technology is available in classrooms. Technology is integrated into the classroom constantly. The students in my class constantly work on their laptops and the teacher integrates the promethean board into essentially every lesson she teaches. It is interesting to see and it has really showed me how much technology helps to get students interested and involved in the class. Although I did see a lot of positive things I also noticed that there is a lot of technology that is available that is not being used. I hope that I will find more effective ways to integrate some of the extra technology the school has into my classroom.